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  • 经典电子游戏网站在线官方

    Product Description Portable Oil Bag:  Soft oil bag is a kind of oil carrying container bonded by oil-proof rubberized fabric mainly used for carrying and filling gasoline, diesel oil and...

    Protable Flexible Oil Tank

  • 经典电子游戏网站网站ios

    Name FLOATING BALL DEAD-WEIGHT PRESSURE TESTER Brand Name XY Country of Origin china Specifications Y055 0.005-0.6MPa weight:15kg size: 38x24x26cm accuracy:0.05%...

    Sell Floating Ball Dead-weight Pressure Tester

  • 经典电子游戏网站首页手机

    Name DEAD WEIGHT PRESSURE TESTER Brand Name XY Country of Origin china Specifications YS-2.5 -0.005--0.1O OR 0.005-0.25MPA ACCURACY: 0.02%0.05 YS-6 0.04-0.6MPa...

    Sell Dead Weight Pressure Tester

  • 经典电子游戏网站代理软件

    Name carpet sweeper Brand Name GREEN LEAF Country of Origin CHINA Specifications 1.SIZE: 36x24x13 2.WEIGHT: 1.48KG Advantages POWER-FREE, NOISE-FREE,COMPETIVE...

    Sell Carpet Sweeper

  • 经典电子游戏网站下载软件

    Brand Name SINBO Country of Origin CHINA Product Description 1) Vacuum fresh pot: Damp proof, dustproof, anticorrosive, insect proof, high vacuum, nonpoisonous, easy to use....

    SELL Vacuum Fresh Pot

  • 经典电子游戏网站官方平台

    Model T-1 Product Description 1.5" 2" ACURRACY: 2.3.2% METAL CASE METAL CASE WITH PLATING . PLASTIC CASE Export Markets ALL WORD Pricing INQUIRY Payment...

    SELL  Pressure Gauge

  • 经典电子游戏网站

    Specifications power: 220V/50/60Hz 110V/60Hz vacuum limited: 0.045Mpa sealing time: 0-9 sec adjustable weight: 2.4kg width of sealing: 0-288MM package: inside: with plastic...

    Sell Various Kinds of Vaccum Sealer

  • 经典电子游戏网站代理官网

    Name HAND OPERATING PREESURE PUMP Brand Name XiYi Country of Origin china Specifications YO39 0-1.6MPa WEIGHT:0.5kg Export Markets USA,WEST EUROPE, SOUTH...

    Hand Operating Preesure Pump

(1 - 8 out of 8 total Selling Leads)


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